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Oh my gosh Whitley’s Barre Class is a MUST GO! The class was engaging and fun but BOY do you get a kick-butt work out! I felt the burn well after leaving :) The music is great and keeps you moving while the poses get you stretched and feeling ALIVE. I am HOOKED!! I’m looking forward to this Barre booty I keep hearing about too :)


⁃ Lauren, A Forever Client

“I booked a class for my wife as she was looking to tone up after our first child. She absolutely adores Whitley and her classes. I believe she does Booty Barre and Barre Cardio. She has new found energy and is gaining her confidence back.”

---- Cody Davis, Happy Husband 

“I absolutely love Whitley’s barre class. Her workouts and playlist always go together, her energy is contagious and makes you want to work, and you see real results. Seriously, my legs have gotten so toned!”

-Lisa, Dedicated Barre Client

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