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Healing Barre Fitness was created to provide the best barre fitness workouts to help your natural body achieve optimal fitness by providing meditation and other holisitc remedies to heal the mind, body, spirit and soul. Healing Barre Fitness helps you to breakthrough your perceived limits, discover muscles you didn't know existed and unlock deep inner strengths. Our signature full-body barre classes are designed to create lean muscles and a balanced body by utilizing light weights, body resistance, and heavy repetitions. This is a low impact, high intensity workput that fuses together elements of yoga, Pilates, ballet, and traditional weight training for all levels. We look forward to working with you to help you create the highest version of you. It is never to late to become serious about yourself!




Whitley is a nationally certified Barre Instructor. She trained for 16 years in her hometown of Jackson, TN as a ballet dancer. Whitley has exceled at honoring the original barre style fitness workout while also adding her own signature twist to help clients have fun while getting results. She is able to fuse her love and knowledge of  ballet technique with pilates, yoga and weight traning to provide the perfect barre fitness workout. 

Whitley also believes in the power of mediation either seperately or incorporated within each workout she teaches. This helps to reduce cortisol levels, deeply relax her clients and allow them to leave feeling empowered. 

Whitley is known for her energy and enthusiasm. Whitley is passionate about meeting her clients where they are and leading them on a journey to a healthy and happy life from the inside out.

Whitley also enjoys traveling internationally. Her favorite travel experience so far has been teaching Ballet at the Zuma Dance School in South Africa. Outside of fitness, Whitley enjoys writing poetry, performing at open mic nights, being a foodie and enjoying family and friends. She currently has Imagine Dragons, Meghan thee Stallion and Da Baby her music playlist. She believes balance is everything!

Certifications: CECs for PMA, ACE, NASM, SCW, AFAA Certified 


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